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Welcome to the online Teachers Training Program (TTP). The online Teachers Training Program began its work in 2010 - educating over several thousand teachers from 170 eminent schools in Delhi. This course has been developed on the premise of “Learning and Communicating about Climate Change and Sustainability” and thereby aims to mainstream Climate Change and Sustainability education into the lesson plans of the teachers.

We endorse that “Education is the Strongest Medium to help people Understand and Address the Impacts of Climate Change, encourage Change in their Attitudes and Behaviour and help in a Transition towards a more Sustainable Future”. We need to change how we think and act, and this is where education has a critical role to play.

Our Teachers Training Program endeavours to make the education systems not only responsive to, and prepared for the current and emerging challenges, but also a truly proactive force in triggering action to move towards a sustainable development agenda by empowering the role of educators.

The online Teachers Training course will educate and train you to understand the following topics:

After completion of the online Teachers Training course; you will be able to:

The online program will provide you with the flexibility to undertake the course modules at a time pace best suited for you.